Victorian Floor & Wall Tiles

Our fantastic range of Victorian Floor & Wall tiles are made to authentic specifiactions and all come in old Imperial Sizes making them ideal for restoration projects.

With so many of these stunning tiles having been ripped from our period homes, there is now a drive to re-instate these fantastically patterned floors and era defining wall tile designs.

With such intricate designs made up from small, individually placed tiles you cannot beat the crafted nature of a Victorian floor.

Apart from creating a stunning design statement, these floor tiles are extremely practical for modern living. Their encaustic clay construction makes them very hard wearing.

You can also complement a stunning floor with period wall tiles in a wide variety of sizes and colours, all with moulding and skirting tiles to match.

The installation of these tiles is not recommended for the DIY'er which is why we have experienced tilers that we can recommend to complete the design vision.