We have carefully selected our products for quality and innovation.

Our videos are a great way of seeing the products in action and technical guides for installation

wedi videos

Wedi have created a fantastic water proof building board. The construction board is both strong and lightweight meaning that it can be fashioned into interesting shapes. If you want a leak free wetroom or looking for a great way to insulate the walls of any room then you need to consider Wedi Board.

warmup videos

Warmup is the leading manufacturer of electric under floor heating systems watch these videos for more information and a demonstration of its easy installation. We are particularly impressed by its lifetime guarantee - which starts even before you've installed it. Damage it whilst laying and they replace it for FREE!

weber adhesive videos

We recommend Weber adhesives and TANKING products for floor and wall tile installation. Have a look at their latest low dust technology. Fast setting and excellent bonding strength, Weber adhesives are the ideal partner for high specification modern tiling products.